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"We aim to set new standards in Qatar, offering world-class care and medical excellence."
- Sheikh Mohammed Hamad F. T. Al-Thani
Founder & Chairman

Our Story

The International Medical Centre was founded in 2016 to help people in Qatar access world-class healthcare.

Having seen friends & family struggle to access care locally, and either travel abroad or ignore various health issues, the Founders became passionate about bringing the highest quality care to the Qatar community.

Following the establishment of The International Physiotherapy Centre a year earlier, the goal for the Founders was clear – to provide the best quality healthcare that people can trust.

When a patient visits The International Medical Centre, they can see any of our medical professionals in multiple specialities with confidence that they are getting access to the very best care.

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Our Principles

The foundations of The International Medical Centre are:

  • Highly-trained Doctors with outstanding experience in leading Western Centres
  • Various specialities & treatments, ensuring we can provide as many services as possible for our patients
  • Premium quality facilities, offering healthcare in an entirely private and discrete environment
  • Caring and empathetic service from all of our staff, going over and above for our patients


We put patient needs first – we do not incentivise our staff to sell tests, treatments or medication. We empower our staff to focus on doing the right thing for every patient.

Inside the International Medical Centre

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"The International Medical Centre has a clear goal – to improve the health & well-being of its patients."
- Tamara Hasan
Co-Founder & General Manager