International Medical Centre


Other Services

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“We understand that convenience and service quality are important for patients. We aim to provide for all of your family’s healthcare needs under one roof.”
- Tamara Hasan
Co-Founder & General Manager
We provide all related services in-house, to ensure patients can cover all their needs in one simple visit.

Testing / Laboratory

Any blood or bodily fluid tests will be performed in our clinic, with samples then immediately shared with our laboratory partners. Any test results will be communicated to you directly and explained as soon as they are available. The aim is to make the process smooth and efficient for our patients.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 PCR & Antigen Testing

We are an approved PCR & Antigen testing centre for the COVID-19 virus, working in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation.

We provide tests, and pre-travel certificates, as required.


We have a fully stocked on-site pharmacy to enable you to collect your prescriptions immediately after seeing our Doctors. It is also stocked with some retail healthcare goods such as nutritional supplements, hygiene and baby care items for convenience.

Please contact us in order to better understand how our highly-trained team can help you.