International Medical Centre



Dr Lubna Saghir

Family Medicine Consultant

Nationality: British

Areas of Specialisation:

Lubna has many years of experience in Family Medicine. She has particular interests in Dermatology and management of Diabetes and Chronic Diseases. More recently, Lubna has studied global best practise in Weight Management extensively, and works closely with our Psychologists and Dietitians within our Weight Loss Clinic.

Professional Qualifications and Registrations:

  • Degree in Medicine from University of East Anglia (UK)
  • Registered Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (UK)
  • Registered Doctor in the State of Qatar
  • Diploma in Primary Care Management of Diabetes (UK)
  • Masters Degree in Insulin Management (UK)
  • Diploma in Clinical Dermatology (UK)

Previous Experience:

Lubna spent five years working in three community clinics in Yorkshire, England. Her latest role included being Diabetic Lead. She also has private experience in Cosmetic Dermatology, as well as her specialist qualification in Clinical Dermatology.