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Daniela Vagni

Psychologist / Counsellor

Nationality: Italian

Areas of Specialisation:

Daniela is a passionate counselling psychologist with a family and systemic background. She provides individual therapy, family therapy and parental coaching. She has worked extensively with young adults, adults and families across a range of mental challenges including depression, anxiety, dysfunctional family dynamics & interactions and adjustment disorder in public & private practices.

Daniela is also a highly skilled clinical psychologist with expertise in diagnostics & psychometric evaluations for children, young adults and adults for ADHD, learning disabilities (i.e. dyslexia, dyscalculia), behavioral challenges and emotional challenges. She also has a strong interest in Women’s Health and mental well-being.

Professional Qualifications and Registrations:

  • Masters Degree in Clinical & Community Psychology from Sapienza University, Italy
  • Specialist Degree in Family & Systemic Relational Psychotherapy from the Study Centre of Family & Relational Therapy, Italy
  • Post-Masters Diploma in Learning & Behavioural Disorders in Developmental Age from the Institute of School Psychology, Italy
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the Order of Psychologists in Italy
  • Licensed Family and Systemic Psychotherapist in Italy

Previous Experience:

Daniela has extensive experience in multiple countries and settings since qualifying to practice Psychology in 2000. Most recently she worked with children and adults in private practice in Germany and Italy. Over the past 20 years she has worked in Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt and Cambodia in hospitals, centres for children with special needs, private practices, schools and also non-profit organisations helping under-privileged communities.