Farzin Miar

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Team Farzin Miar Dentist Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Farzin is a general scope dentist with experience looking after a range of dental concerns across age groups, in both the private sector and National Health Service in the UK. He has stayed up to date with the latest practices at the cutting edge of dentistry, […]

Dr Gemma Peters

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Team Dr Gemma Peters Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Gemma is a UK trained Gynecologist & Obstetrician, who is highly skilled in the management of Gynecological and Obstetric cases. She has an additional three years of sub-speciality training in Fetal Maternal Medicine which means she has advanced proficiency in ultrasound anomaly […]

Dr Suzy Duckworth

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Suzy Duckworth Family Medicine Consultant Bio Img

Team Dr Suzy Duckworth Family Medicine Consultant & Medical Director Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Suzy is an experienced Family Medicine Consultant from the UK. She serves the entire family from babies to the elderly, and has specialist postgraduate qualifications in medical ethics, mental health, sexual health, women’s health and menopause. Professional Qualifications and Registrations: Degree […]

Dr Karen Findlay

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Dr Karen Findlay Clinical Dietitian Bio Img

Team Dr Karen Findlay Dietitian Nationality: Australian Areas of Specialisation: Karen is a Clinical Dietitian, with experience in a broad range of clinical areas including Rehabilitation, Radiation and Medical Oncology, Neurology, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. She has spent the majority of her career working in clinical dietetics, in both hospitals and outpatient clinics. Using medical […]

Dr Adriana Rassi

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Adriana Rassi Pediatric Consultant Bio Img

Team Dr Adriana Rassi Pediatric Consultant & Head of Pediatrics Nationality: American Languages: Dr. Adriana is fluent in English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Areas of Specialisation: Dr. Adriana has considerable experience in managing routine conditions such as newborn exams, well baby & well child checks, school physicals, child growth, child development, and routine vaccinations […]

Laura O’ Connor

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Laura O’ Connor Head Psychologist Bio Img

Team Laura O’ Connor Head Psychologist Nationality: Irish Areas of Specialisation: As an experienced senior Counselling Psychologist, Laura has a broad range of skills and expertise working with clients in a variety of settings. She has worked with adults and couples across a spectrum of mental health issues including anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma recovery, adjustment […]

Dr Áine Lombard

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Team Dr Áine Lombard Psychologist / Counsellor Nationality: Irish Areas of Specialisation: Áine is a compassionate Counselling Psychologist who employs aspects of various therapeutic approaches including Person-Centred therapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Acceptance & Commitment therapy, Compassion Focused therapy and Mindfulness based approaches to provide a bespoke and collaborative therapeutic intervention. Áine is also trained and […]

Dr Muna Farooqi

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Muna Farooqi Family Medicine Consultant Bio Img

Team Dr Muna Farooqi Family Medicine Consultant Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Muna has significant experience in Family Medicine, working with people of all ages from babies to geriatrics. She is particularly passionate about preventive care, educating patients and screening for issues such as cancers and cardiovascular disease to enable early detection. She also has […]

Dr Lubna Saghir

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Lubna Saghir Family Medicine Consultant Bio Img

Team Dr Lubna Saghir Family Medicine Consultant & Head of Weight Loss Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Lubna has many years of experience in Family Medicine. She has particular interests in Dermatology and management of Diabetes and Chronic Diseases. More recently, Lubna has studied global best practise in Weight Management extensively, and works closely with our […]

Sandra ten Bruggencate

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Sandra ten Bruggencate Adult Psychologist Bio Img

Team Sandra ten Bruggencate Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychologist / Counsellor Nationality: Dutch Areas of Specialisation: Sandra works with many populations including children, adolescents and adults. She specialises in behavioural and emotional disorders including anxiety, depression and stress. She also provides treatment for ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, trauma, adjustment issues, chronic pain and fatigue. She […]