Dr Shaunaugh Mae Dass


Team Dr Shaunaugh Mae Dass AcupuncturistNationality: South African Areas of Specialisation: Shaunaugh is a specialised practitioner of complementary medicine using traditional Chinese […]

Dr Richard Knebel


Team Dr Richard Knebel Orthopedic ConsultantNationality: Dutch Areas of Specialisation: Richard is a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon who diagnoses and consults on physical […]

Dr Majdi Abudayyeh

Team Dr Majdi Abudayyeh Chiropractor Nationality: American Areas of Specialisation: Majdi became a Chiropractor after himself suffering from chronic neck pain; he […]

Zahrah Awan


Team Zahrah Awan Speech & Language Therapist Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Zahrah is specialised in working with children with communication difficulties. […]

Dr Jonathan Baggott


Team Dr Jonathan Baggott Consultant Psychiatrist Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Dr Baggott has been a Consultant Adult Psychiatrist in the UK […]

Dr Elena Alberini


Team Dr Elena Alberini Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Nationality: Italian Areas of Specialisation: Elena is a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist with […]

Dr Micheline Maamari Chalouhi


Team Dr Micheline Maamari Chalouhi Dermatology Consultant Nationality: Lebanese Areas of Specialisation: Micheline’s background is in medical Dermatology in a hospital setting, […]

Farzin Miar

Farzin Bio Img

Team Farzin Miar Dentist Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Farzin is a general scope dentist with experience looking after a range of […]

Dr Gemma Peters

Gemma Bio Img

Team Dr Gemma Peters Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Gemma is a UK trained Gynecologist & Obstetrician, who […]

Dr Valentin Bello


Team Dr Valentin Bello OrthodontistNationality: Venezuelan Areas of Specialisation: Dr Bello is a specialist Orthodontist with experience in the management of dental […]