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Mariëtte Sizoo

Psychologist / Counsellor

Nationality: Dutch


Areas of Specialisation:

Mariëtte is passionate about working with people of all ages, but especially with children, young people (0-23 years) and families. She empowers them to find underlying mechanisms of disruptive behaviour and enables them to address issues and overcome them together.

Her assessments and therapy sessions are either individual with the child / parent(s), or with the family as a whole. Her experience ranges from mild to severe problems including ADHD, autism, trauma, attachment problems or disorders, dysfunctional family interaction, anxiety, depression, stress, addiction and other issues that young people and families often experience. When dealing with younger children, she often uses play therapy to engage the child and improve their general development.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Masters Degree in Psychology with a specialism in Child & Youth Psychology from University of Leiden, Netherlands
  • Post Masters Degree in Healthcare Psychology from University of Leiden, Netherlands
  • Certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Licensed Healthcare Psychologist with Dutch Healthcare Professions Council
  • Licensed EMDR practitioner
  • Licensed Theraplay practitioner

Previous Experience:

Before joining The International Medical Centre, Mariëtte worked in clinics in The Netherlands from 2008 onwards as a Healthcare Psychologist and Child & Youth Psychologist. Her roles included individual, parental and family treatment and sometimes treatment of adults. She is also experienced in diagnostics for intelligence (all ages), parent-child interaction, social-emotional and personality development.